Incentives Reinforce Behavior, Rewards Insure Success

Incentivize Your Customers, Incentivize Employees to Change Behavior
Would you like your customers to try your new product or service? Do you want them to buy more from you than form the competition? Incentivize them every time they do what you want them to and soon that new behavior will become a habit; a loyalty habit that will create ROI for you for years to come.

Loyalty Rewards programs are great habit builders and Capitol/Meridian is the originator of point reward programs. We customize programs for companies as large as Sony as well as small to medium sized companies. Loyalty works for B2B and B2C companies. Let us show you how loyalty programs can work for you with a no obligations presentation.

Loyalty Programs for Employees are another great way to increase productivity and profit. Employees Loyalty Programs also reduce turnover and spread community good will.  

Traffic Builder Programs bring new customers to your door. Traffic Builder offers are inexpensive rewards offered to potential customers designed to get them in the door. Capitol Marketing has traffic builder programs to fit every budget.

Pick Your Plastic is a one of a kind gift card program that allows recipients to choose the restaurant, store or gas card they want to get. It also provides a unique security feature that guards against loss from theft or fraud protecting both the company and the recipient.

Reward Your Customers, Reward Employees When Goals are Met
Like the carrot at the end of the stick, a reward promised when a goal is met keeps customers and employees focused on the end game. Capitol Marketing is an expert in developing reward programs that achieve corporate goals while keeping on budget. Consumer reward and incentive programs for employees are proven to drive success when integrated into the culture of a company. 

Capitol Marketing is a vested partner in your success. Our income is based on the increase in incremental sales and profit you realize. If you are successful then we are successful.

Capitol Marketing is the world-wide leader in individual travel reward programs. Contact us for more information. We’ll give you a no obligations assessment of what we can do for you and how our guaranteed program can work for you.