Reasons to Integrate Salesforce with Your Payment Processor Platform

Some businesses fear that Salesforce integration can be a timely, costly, or difficult process. While this may have some truth to it, the key to avoiding issues is leveraging the right integration partners for a seamless transition.

Salesforce integration with payment processors such as Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Venmo also offers a mountain of benefits for businesses. Check out some of the reasons that businesses should integrate Salesforce with their payment processor platform.

Expand Market Penetration

In terms of marketing, businesses using Salesforce know that it can be a driving force on its own. Product companies offer Google Adwords and Salesforce support and even act as a PSA in Salesforce.

But how can businesses get even more out of Salesforce? They can use payment platform integration as a means to strengthen their marketing penetration. Integration couples Salesforce features with payment processor data, opening the door to endless options to update business marketing strategies.

Enhance AR Reporting

Detailed reporting can be a powerful tool for any business. Breadwinner Payments can help businesses enhance their AR reporting by exposing them to the best of the Salesforce and payment processor worlds. For example, Braintree payments become visible in Salesforce as native data, which gives businesses better insights into their customers.

Businesses using Salesforce integration with Stripe can import their Stripe data into Salesforce’s dashboard reporting system to provide clear and concise Stripe Accounts Receivables information.

Grow Sales

All businesses want their customers coming back for more. Salesforce integration with the payment processor platform achieves that. For example, Breadwinner Payments allows clients to securely store PayPal payment methods, which makes it easy for them to charge customers for new transactions in the future.

Give Customers Confidence That Their Financial Information is Secure

For Salesforce integration with payment processors, such as Venmo and Square,, clients that partner with Breadwinner can rest assured that payment data is PCI compliant. This means that all sensitive data is stored directly in their payment processor platform.

In addition, Breadwinner can use client Payment Processor IDs and Tokens in lieu of displaying customer credit card numbers. Clients can advertise these added layers of security on their website or in their stores to assure their customers that their financial information is in safe hands.

Access and Edit Customer Information With Ease

Managing customer contact information can be a tricky, time-consuming process. Especially for businesses that run Salesforce independently from their payment processor platform. However, Salesforce integration takes the pains out of acceding and editing payment processor contacts.

For example, Breadwinner Payments offers real-time, two-way synchronization that ensures that they have accurate customer information. As an added bonus, businesses also have the option to display payment processor data on other Salesforce records and objects.

Another option is which allows you to integrate Salesforce with Square. You can generate invoices and process payments in Square and manage deal flows in Salesforce. Businesses interested in leveraging these benefits and more can get a demo or visit Breadwinner Payments to learn more.